"GG" and proud to be! Anti-bullying program

Educator Name: Carey Palacios
School Name: Janes Elementary
Curriculum: Elementary School

I implemented the program towards the end of last year. It is a program that acknowledges/rewards those students that strive and continue to be good Janes citizens. Our school is made up of over 95% free and reduced lunch students. The needs of our students are many. I recognized the need to create a climate of positive reinforcement. Students are selected by their teacher who demonstrate the GG (Goodie Goodie) characteristics and have a place where they are recognized and celebrated. The term "Goodie Goodie" (GG) came from a name that my own daughter was being called for "being good." There was a group of students who were bullying her for making the right decisions. So, I decided to "take the wind out of their sails" and celebrate it! All to often as educators we have spend so much time and energy on behavior issues (especially lately with growth of class sizes) that the students who are working hard to be good school citizens get overlooked. I originally set this up as a "haven" for students who were being bullied and/or outcast, but we have evolved into so much more.

I am attaching a link to a newspaper article that was done on us. http://www.journaltimes.com/news/article_1c2bb8c6-0dad-11e1-852e-001cc4c03286.html

This enhances classroom instruction because it has given teachers another tool for classroom management. On the days that we have our luncheons teachers and students are asked to wear their GG shirts. It sends a powerful message when the population of students sees a sea of maroon signifying students doing their best. It creates an incentive for students to work hard and to continue to be the best citizens possible.

It creates a safe haven for students to go to where it is actually "cool" to be good. All to often in society we celebrate the bad. Especially in the media. It is important for students who are struggling in any way socially or academically to have a "safe" place where they can celebrate being good.

The student and adult demand has been phenomenal!! Students are continuously asking how they can be a part. It creates a self reflection piece for students to the point where we are considering a "GG in training" portion to the program. Where students who may have had a hard time following school and classroom rules can have a mentoring opportunity to be a future part of the GG program.