Equipment upgrades for video production class

Educator Name: Kara Clayton
School Name: Thurston High School

Students will adopt two charitable organizations in the Detroit area for whom they will produce public service announcement (PSA) videos that can be hosted on the organization's website. This past year, we worked with Mittens for Detroit to produce a PSA and it was highly regarded by the organization. It also brought a lot additional traffic to the website. Please visit to see an example of the work we did for this organization.

Having an authentic audience/client with a genuine need makes the production process so much more meaningful to students in a video production class. They know that there are high expectations, a reason for a deadline, and an audience who will truly appreciate the work that is done. Thus, content that is produced is typically much higher quality than if they were producing for a "pretend" client.

*Students will learn how to interact with a genuine client and develop customer service skills that they can utilize in the future. *Students will have an authentic audience for whom they can produce high quality video projects. *Students will have the opportunity to see their work "published" (i.e. hosted on a website). *Students will receive feedback from an authentic client who has expectations and needs that must be met.

Students enjoy working on projects where there is an identified need in the community. In meeting the need, they are able to take pride in work that they have produced. Students have indicated in past projects that they receive life-long skills that they are able to implement in their lives when they have the opportunity to help solve an identified need for community organizations who need video programming produced for them.