Digital recorders for use in the Spanish Language program

Educator Name: Melanie Engen
School Name: Altoona High School

I would like to incorporate more technology into my Spanish program by purchasing Digital Voice Recorders. I would have my Spanish students use these to record their voices and play it back to analyze their verbal language.

I have been using the 4 remaining old cassette recorders in our high school LMC. The purchase of new digital recorders would not only excite students by bringing this activity up to date in technology, but we would also have enough for the entire class to use rather than be limited to only 4 'ancient' recorders. Students will be able to dive into the task immediately rather than wait for others to finish.

Upon hearing their use of the Spanish language and partnering up with other students to analyze the voice recording, students will be aware of which syllables, sounds and/or accents they need to pay more attention to while speaking. This will improve their use of the spoken language. Listening in the target language will also be enhanced through listening not only to their own voice, but that of their partner as well. They will need to provide constructive feedback for that person as well which, in turn, will continue to improve their speaking habits as well.