Community Emergency Response Program

Educator Name: Heidi Witucki
School Name: Upward Bound/Lake Superior State University

Since 2008, LSSU and Upward Bound have sponsored the only teen CERT (Community Emergency Response Team)group in the U.P., and possibly the only one in Michigan. CERT is part of Citizen's Corps and Homeland Security. These students train in First Aid, CPR, emergency preparedness, light search and rescue, and setting up medical triage areas to support first responders, etc. We propose developing a script about family emergency safety and preparedness and collecting materials to create youth jump kits for every 4th grader (about 560 students) in the EUPISD. We have chosen 4th graders because they are old enough to be responsible about bringing their "jump kits" home but young enough that they will excitedly share the information with family and friends.

The LSSU/UB CERT members (all high school students from Rudyard, Pickford, Brimley, and Sault Area Schools) will gain experience in developing the script (which we will have reviewed by professionals for appropriate language and content levels), delivering the presentations in 4th grade classrooms throughout the E.U.P., and putting together the "jump kits". The 4th graders will gain an understanding of basic family emergency preparedness and safety. Receiving the "jump kits" will help them remember what they learned in the talks and they and their families will learn even more when they review the items in the kit.