Chemistry Lab Program

Educator Name: Kim Cotton
School Name: Kalkaska High School

I would like to provide hands on laboratories for all my Chemistry students. It is a required class, and I want to make it as exciting as possible. I would like to introduce three new labs:
  1. Students would extract aspirin from willow bark and test it.
  2. Students would make slime during our polymerization organic study.
  3. Students would create scents using Esters and organic Chemistry. These would be sophomore, junior and senior students.
These labs would enhance notes, models, and reading by providing every student a chance to be out of their seat, creating and working on a project. Each student would be part of a group of three completing each lab, and then individual students will design their own lab report showing what they found.

I expect each group of three to produce and test for aspirin, create polymeres (slime), and make Esters (3 smells). Each individual will have a lab report for each of these labs. The reports will be typed, formal, and include the following: Materials, Procedure, Charts, Graphs, Analysis, Questions, Purpose. These three labs and lab reports will take about 9-12 days of our class.