Character In Action

Educator Name: Brenda Crane
School Name: Beacon Elementary

CIA-CHARACTER IN ACTION is a K-3 school-wide program to teach, model, and reward good character. The program will be based upon the character traits of RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY, CARING, FAIRNESS, CITIZENSHIP and TRUSTWORTHINESS. Every two weeks the students will be taught a character trait using a variety of delivery styles including: children's literature, puppets, video clips, song, assembly and guest speakers,role models and multi-media. After the lesson children will participate in activities to put the "CHARACTER IN ACTION." Throughout the two week period children will receive a sticker or some immediate reinforcement when they are recognized by an adult in the building showing "good character." Posters will be displayed throughout the school to remind the children to focus on character.

Behavior effects learning. Teaching expected behavior using common language through the character traits or character pillars will strengthen the behavior modeling necessary for effective instruction.