Art In Design Classes

Educator Name: Julie Weber
School Name: Walled Lake Northern High School

The Art Department of Walled Lake Northern High School (WLN) wants to enhance their Art in Design Classes curriculum by purchasing additional equipment: one pottery wheel and 4 flex shaft machines, and repairing one pottery wheel. This equipment would be used to allow students to have additional experiences in two different media as a part of the curriculum, pottery and jewelry, within the Art in Design Class.

Walled Lake Northern’s Art in Design Class is offered as one of the Fine or Performing Arts credits needed by all students to graduate. Currently students are only able to experience handbuilding using clay during the semester. With the purchase of this equipment, students would also have the opportunity to learn how to throw clay on a pottery wheel. With the purchase of four flex shaft machines the students would have an additional media experience by working with metals to create jewelry. In addition, the higher level art classes of Ceramics I and II and Jewelry I and II will also be able to benefit from the use of this equipment and will have added experiences in creating pottery and jewelry.

The students will benefit by learning two different media, throwing pottery on a wheel and creating metal jewelry, that are not presently offered due to lack of equipment. Purchasing additional equipment will enhance the learning experiences provided for all Art in Design, Ceramics I and II, and Jewelry I and II classes. By adding these additional experiences in the Art in Design course, it will likely increase interest in the higher level three dimensional art classes. Students who study the media of ceramics and jewelry are able to use knowledge gained from core science, math, and history classes such as: earth science, chemistry, physics, math, algebra, geometry and world history. In some cases students enhance their knowledge of these core classes as they apply the basics they have studied.

These classes are a core part of the Art Department curriculum at Walled Lake Northern High School and are anticipated to be offered each school year.This equipment would enhance the courses that are already offered and are anticipated to continue as a part of the offerings of the Art Department.