A.P. Biology

Educator Name: Amy Brown
School Name: Avondale High School

I attended an Advanced Placement Biology workshop this summer and gathered many lab activity ideas. This will be my first time teaching AP Biology. Some of these lab activities were not budgeted for this upcoming school year and some of these labs require equipment that we do not have, i.e. an incubator to grow bacteria.

This lab equipment and these lab kits/supplies will enhance the AP Biology experience. Most colleges and universities have a lab component in their first year biology course. Students are taking Advanced Placement Biology in high school to attempt earning credit for this first year biology course. I want to make sure that they have a compatible experience.

Students will be more prepared for college, especially if they pursue a career in science. For example, they will have experience transforming bacteria and using lab equipment. The labs are designed to help students: understand problems, develop hypotheses, design experiments, analzye data, draw conclusions and think analytically.