Foundation Stories

The types of projects The Meemic Foundation funds are limited only by the winner's imagination. Here, you'll meet some grant winners, and see their creativity and how their projects affect their students.

  • PopIn2Win Grant Sends Butterflies into the Wild

    Kindergarten teacher Betty Jo Derozier shares photos and video from the butterflies she and her class raised with a Nasco Butterfly Hydroponics Kit.
  • Letting Go with Buddha Boards

    Amy Heimerl's students at Merrill High School love Buddha Boards. They’ve shown to be a benefit inside and outside the classroom, which is just what she wants, to make sure her special-needs students are ready for the real world.
  • Grant Brings Special Music to Joliet HS Orchestras

    Peter Lipari, director of the Joliet Township High School Orchestras, commissioned two pieces to celebrate the program's 110th anniversary.
  • Chasing Lincoln’s Killer with a Meemic Foundation Grant

    Since last year was the 150th anniversary of Lincoln’s death, Hilary Grant, an eighth-grade teacher at White Lake Middle School in White Lake, MI, decided to take her history lessons to the next level.
  • Detroit Grant Creates Lasting Impact

    A Meemic Foundation grant helped Michael Craig at the Charles Drew Transition Center in Detroit fund part of a sprawling agricultural program that benefits the whole Detroit school district.
  • St. Joseph Ceramics Class Fires Up Creativity

    “They kind of turn into little mud monsters” is all you need to hear to know Joseph Fralick’s ceramics program at Upton Middle School in St. Joseph, MI, is a success. ...
  • CESA 3 Braille Club Gets Boost from Grant

    Any kid who’s “different” can feel isolated, and in a rural area, it can be even tougher. So for low-vision and blind students in southwest Wisconsin’s CESA 3, the Braille Club has been a great way for kids and parents to get together and support each other. ...
  • S’Cool Moves Keeps Riverview Elem. on Track

    Amie Pincumbe, teacher at Riverview Elementary School in Big Rapids, MI, received a grant to implement the S’Cool Moves program, and it quickly expanded beyond her classroom to the entire school. ...
  • Keeping STEM Alive at Southwestern Michigan College

    It’s not always easy to keep students engaged in various age groups. With evolving minds, kids and young adults can become exasperated when learning. Luckily, instructors at Southwestern Michigan College in Dowagiac, MI, noticed the problem and solved it. ...
  • Mary, Mary, How Does Your Garden Grow? With a Meemic Foundation Grant

    There’s nothing contrary about the way Mary Whittet used her Meemic Foundation grant money at the Colt Early Childhood Center in Lansing, MI. ...
  • Ramping Up Education with a Meemic Foundation Grant

    For Ioanna Halkias, a preschool teacher at Plato Academy in Des Plaines, Ill., she knew her Ramps and Pathways program would make a difference with her students.  She just didn’t realize how much. ...
  • Look “Who Dunnit?” with a Meemic Foundation Grant

    Keeping the kids engaged and interested is something that science teachers have struggled with over the years. Thanks to a brilliant idea, a hardworking teacher and a Meemic grant, that’s all begun to change at Lake Superior State University. ...