Behavior modification program called "The Shoe Club"

Educator Name: Matt Hamilton
School Name: East Jordan Middle School

I started a Shoe Club three years ago. In order to become a member of the club, students must read two motivational books, write a short paper about what they learned from reading the books and come up with 10 goals they have set for themselves. After completing these steps, they can bring in a shoe for me to hang in my classroom. I have over 100 shoes (and it only stinks a little bit, haha). These shoes hang as reminders to all my students about working hard, making good choices, not bullying others, and walking in each others shoes. We meet regularly to discuss situations the kids encounter as well as participate in several volunteer projects. The point of the club is to help kids deal with life's issues in appropriate ways, dream big, set goals and give back to their community. I have been contacting amazing people from around the world and collecting their shoes to hang in my classroom. I have shoes displayed in my room from many different professions including astronauts, business people, inventors, performers, and athletes. Michael Jordan, Shaun White, Arnold Palmer, Tony Hawk, Justin Bieber, Ralph Baer, Jimmie Johnson, Maria Sharapova, Martin Cooper, Charlie Duke and Steven Spielberg are a few people who have sent us their shoes. These people and their shoes serve as an inspiration for club members and other students. My students love this club and are really responding to it. My grant request is to buy books to add to my Shoe Club book library for students. I am in need of updating some books and adding new books to the collection.

Reading the books is meant to inspire the students to invest in themselves and invest in others. The club is designed to push the students to want to do better in the classroom by doing the best they can. The books give the students tools and resources to do this.