Focus. Focus. Focus ... on Grants!

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March 15, 2018

Stay on task.
The task? Write this blog. Easy peasy. Just sit down and write. I can handle this. I can focus and ignore the distractions ... like this one:
Macy, my dog, just made a flying leap into my lap with her favorite toy. Such a cute doggy. Ohhh, you are soooo cute, Macy! No! Focus!
Threw the toy now I’m back to the ... doorbell! Pizza delivery guy (please don’t judge - it’s been a long day, I didn’t eat and just wanted something quick and satisfying – check and check). Now indulging in my standing-at-the-kitchen-counter quickie meal and I’m back to the task – writing this blog.
So where was I? I was, well I think that I was about to ... check the DVR. Did I set it to record “The Ellen Degeneres Show” today? Oh, I did!! Yippee! All right, this will be quick to watch as I can fast-forward through the commercials. 
Hmmmm ... maybe I should grab another slice of pizza first. And why have the dogs placed all of their toys by my feet??  Such cute doggies....
Focus, Pam. Focus. 
While I look for something to help me with my fidgety life, the Meemic Foundation can definitely help you with those fidgety students that may be challenged to stay focus and engaged, too. Did you know that our traditional grants can be used to help you build a flexible seating classroom?
The Meemic Foundation has helped many educators enrich their classrooms with everything from standing desks to workstations, comfy chairs and floor pillows to active seating  and rockers. Stay on task – and apply for a traditional grant today (available year-round as part of our quarterly grant rounds). 
Lastly, I feel the need to share. I have a cow in my office. Yep. True statement. More about my new office-mate when we meet again.