Doodle Your Way to a Meemic Masterpiece

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January 10, 2018

By Pam Harlin, Meemic Foundation Director               
I like to doodle. Actually I like to think that I am a fairly great (please note – not just good ... great!) doodler. Evidence of my superior doodling? Please enjoy the rendering of my most recent pièce de résistance on a local restaurant canvas (OK ... it’s a napkin). Not bad, right?!?
OK, so maybe my drawing won’t change the world. But it makes me feel good, and it is an expression of me – a visual representation of my thinking (yes, I was thinking about one of my dogs – don’t judge me).  And that is precisely why I love our Meemic Masterpieces grant round so much.  
This is our third year for Meemic Masterpieces. Every day, I walk the hallways of Meemic headquarters with the artwork of 101 student artists, past winners in our Meemic Masterpieces grant rounds, bringing sunshine to our employees each day.
This grant round is important to Meemic because it underlines our commitment to our founding fathers (a group of Detroit teachers – you know our fabulous history, right?), to always remain focused on supporting the educational community that we serve each day. This grant provides us the opportunity to support education through the $300 art supplies grant available to the 50 winning sponsoring Foundation Club members, but also gives students the opportunity to be creatively expressive on a variety of thought-provoking topics.  For this grant round, the artwork themes focus on Meemic’s Together Movement:
  • Promote kindness
  • Anti-bullying
  • Embrace diversity
 The 50 winning student artists will be celebrated as well with the following:
  • Chromebook computer
  • Artwork will be professionally framed
  • Invitation to an Open House at Meemic office in Auburn Hills where artwork will be celebrated and on display to the public for the first time
Many feel there isn’t enough art in our world ... and I agree. Let’s encourage students to engage their creativity and submit their artwork in our Meemic Masterpieces grant round.
And to those that are still a child at heart, I encourage you to post your “napkin Masterpieces” to Meemic’s Facebook page.  We would love to see and celebrate your creativity!
Here’s to your inner Picasso!