Congratulations to Owen Bondono

Learn About this Year’s Michigan Teacher of the Year

Meemic congratulates Owen Bondono, the 2020-21 Michigan Teacher of the Year. Owen is a teacher at the Oak Park High School Ninth Grade Learning Community. He will be entering his sixth year of teaching English language arts in the fall. “Every teacher has their own purpose, and once you find it, let it be a guiding light for every decision you make in your classroom.” he wrote in his MTOY application. “Ultimately, teaching is an expression of my love of humanity. My way of making my mark on the world is making the next generation better. ... If we could provide every student with a classroom where they feel safe and seen, we would see learning increase by any metric."

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Excellence in teaching deserves to be recognized. Know of a great candidate for the Michigan Teacher of the Year or want to become one yourself? For the 2021-22 award, the nomination cycle will begin in September 2020. Find the online nomination form and other information at the Michigan Department of Education. Meemic has sponsored the Michigan Teacher of the Year award since 2007.

2020-21 Michigan Teacher of the Year Owen Bondono