About Us

Adventure Insurance Agency is a family-owned and operated establishment with more than 30 years of insurance experience and was excited for the chance to join the Meemic family in 2016.

For well over 20 years, its agents have been safety training and teaching environmental ethics to children and adults alike for various outdoor recreational activities. They’re also here to assist and help the community; staff members serve on different PTOs, a community volunteer fire department and as board members of other local and statewide organizations.  

Owned and operated by Randy Harden, Adventure Insurance Agency has a passion for helping educators secure the right insurance coverage while also helping them understand what opportunities exist with grants from The Meemic Foundation. With a clear understanding of the time constraints educators face, agents are more than happy to meet educators at their homes or schools. They carry the latest technology to help make understanding and securing insurance and grants as convenient as possible.

Adventure Insurance Agency was drawn by Meemic’s tradition of extraordinary service targeted toward the educational profession. They look forward to serving local educators and school districts for many years to come.

Meet Our Staff