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Ypsilanti Schools Get Classroom Makeovers

Daryhl Covington of the Covington Insurance Agency in Ypsilanti, MI, has been busy presenting Classroom Makeovers in the Ypsilanti Community School district, with the ceremonial big check going to superintendent Laura Lisiscki. Recent winners include Ypsilanti New Tech teacher Jessica Krueger, Perry Child Development teacher Caroline Jabob, Perry Child Development/Erickson teacher Heidi Shelton and Ford Early Learning Center teacher Sandra Bogoski.


Top photo: Daryhl Covington and Laura Lisiscki

Heidi Shelton - Perry Child Development/Erickson
Currently teaching art to about 750 students at two different schools. I want to teach them about art from around the world, but with no budget, it has been extremely challenging. These kids deserve amazing things because they are amazing kids.

Caroline Jacob - Perry Child Development
Kindergarten students thrive in an organized pleasing classroom, with everything having a "home." This way my students know exactly where to find what they need. I spend a lot of time researching, testing, designing and redesigning the layout of my classroom so that it will not only benefit me and my current students, but also my future students.

Sandra Bogoski - Ford Early Learning Center
I would like to order sensory items to use with my students. They need specialty items to aid in their social/emotional and academic growth. They can benefit from using the sensory items to calm themselves or provide the stimulation needed to be able to learn.

Jessica Krueger - Ypsilanti New Tech
My 11th grade statistics class is a project-based classroom that is integrated with chemistry class. We would be able to purchase the necessary materials to make the Chemstat class realistically do the things that we are discussing and investigating in our projects.

Nicole Smitka - Holmes Elementary 
 I'm a 4th year teacher and still developing my physical classroom to create an environment where students feel comfortable and safe. I want my students to feel welcome in their home away from home.

Brittany Syles - CARE - Ypsilanti Community Middle School
 Our students are often overlooked for various reasons like behavior. We provide behavior support for our students. They would like to have a better looking space and can really benefit from a classroom makeover.


Amanda McMurray - ACCE Program - Ypsilanti Community Middle School
 Working with students who struggle with rough home lives, behavioral issues and lost credits. We cannot easily access the media center and grade level-appropriate text. I struggle with finding literature that interests my students and gets them excited about reading. Grant would be to create a classroom library.

Lisa Rachwitz. - Adams Stem
Purchase items that will make the classroom feel less sterile, create an environment where they want to return to every day, where they can let down their barriers and open up to the adventures of learning.​

Kristen Memering - Estabrook Elementary
With adding the middle school model to an elementary school, we do not have middle school-size furniture, materials or supplies. We are a title 1 at risk and focus school, and have lower socioeconomic status. My students would benefit greatly by having materials for their appropriate age to be able to learn grade level content.

Cynthia Fassbender - Ypsilanti Community High School
Successful classroom libraries help improve student attitudes toward reading and increases access for reluctant readers. Students need to be surrounded by interesting books daily, not just on those occasional days when the teacher takes them to the library.

Blake Nordman - Ypsilanti Community High School-Stemm Academy
I'm doing a year-long unity on bringing solar panels to the Stemm Academy. I would buy some small solar panels to use in the classroom.

Sima Thurman - Erickson Elementary
I would like to create a comfortable learning environment for my "growing preteens," providing a comfortable place in the room to do so, instead of sitting at a hard uncomfortable desk. I would also like to accommodate our interactive math approach with organizational materials to accompany our math centers.