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Allen Park School Receives Grant

The Mace Agency presented Principal John Kelley of Allen Park High School with a $500 For Our Schools grant. Allen Park High School was nominated for the grant by Tanya Duffy.

What makes Allen Park High School so special? Here’s what Tanya had to say:

“Allen Park High School is full of hard-working, dedicated teachers who put the students first every day. There are so many programs that run solely on the dedication and compassion that the staff has for the student body. Staff volunteer countless hours of their time to sponsor clubs, run fundraisers, and provide support for students, both academically and emotionally. We recently had a devastating, racially-charged event occur in our community. Through the dedication of our staff, we are creating programs to address this, and give students a voice in changing the culture of their school. This is no easy task to take on, in addition to all of their other duties, but they know we must make it our priority. This grant can assist with the start-up and completion of several initiatives that the staff has planned. The staff is the reason that Allen Park High School runs like a well-oiled machine, and our students continue to outperform their peers. I would love to see the staff be recognized for their efforts.”


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