About Us

As a longtime teacher and Meemic member, Ernie Taber is excited to offer fellow members of the educational community the chance to experience the same level of security and customer service he has enjoyed over the years.

As a teacher, he knows the busy schedule and stress that come with the job. As your agent, he knows how important it is to take care of your most important possessions in case of a loss. He looks forward to the opportunity to work with fellow educators, offering a product that can do just that.

Ernie and his wife, Patti, have lived in Southfield for almost 30 years. They have three daughters, who have all attended Southfield schools. Ernie has been teaching and coaching for most of those years at Southfield High School, where he is today. He stays active in his community and enjoys the camaraderie he has with current, as well as former, students and their families. He hopes to have that same relationship with his customers.

Call or send an email today and let Ernie know how he can serve you.