About Us

The Lovalvo Insurance Agency puts an emphasis on the values of family and unity.

David and Darlene Lovalvo are both teachers, and as such, preparation, foresight and meeting the needs of those in their care are their greatest priorities. David has been teaching for 11 years and is an assistant varsity baseball coach. Darlene has been in the schools for 21 years.

They will match up products with your needs and provide efficient, calm and trustworthy customer service every day, from your first visit to the more stressful times. Their hands-on approach to creating relationships with members will foster the security and confidence needed in an insurance agency.

The Lovalvo Insurance Agency feels the educational community is one of a kind, and it deserves respect, as well as a product built with educators in mind. Call or send an email today and let David and Darlene know how they can serve you.