About the Michael Metro Agency

Hello, I am Mike Metro. I have lived and worked in Mount Pleasant since 1971. I retired from teaching at Chippewa Hills in 2002 where I was teaching math consumer’s education and industrial education. Along with my teaching career, I represented Meemic Insurance Company starting in 1976. My agency has grown to insure over 2,500 area school employees.

My wife Bonnie and I have one daughter Michelle. Michelle is also an educator living and working in Farmville, Virginia. I am very proud of my family’s connection to education and being in a business that works with educators has given me many pleasures.

I am very proud to have Martha “Marty” Robb and Bonny “Indigo” Anderson work with me. Marty and Indigo are licensed professional sales and service representatives and are more than willing to work with our policyholders.