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Wyoming, Grandville Schools Get Classroom Makeovers

Six teachers in two Michigan districts recently received Classroom Makeovers from Keith Steensma of the Andy Steensma Insurance Agency. The winners: Laurie Muntter (West Elementary), Melissa Schneider (Wyoming Junior High) and Shantel VanderGalien (Wyoming Junior High) of Wyoming Schools; and Kelly Stouten (Grandville HS), Shanna VanKempen (Grandville Cummings Elementary) and Cynthia Lawrence (Grandville HS) from Grandville Schools.

Their projects range from making the media center more “homey” to purchasing Spanish-language board games to boost engagement in Spanish classes.


Top photo: West Elementary principal Gwenn Dangerfield, Keith Steensma and Laurie Muntter

Melissa Schneider

Shantel VanderGalien

Cynthia Lawrence

Kelly Stouten

Shanna VanKempen