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Local Schools Get Classroom Makeovers

Janet Toler-Stemen recently delivered $300 Classroom Makeover checks to schools in Dearborn, Dearborn Heights and Garden City. The money will go to a variety of projects to make the classes more inviting or more engaging for students from elementary, middle school and high school.

The winners:

(Top photo) Edsel Ford High School: Alexander Dale (Security), Gretchen Bajorek (Literacy Coordinator), Janet Toler-Stemen (Meemic), Bryan Remington (Winner)

Lowrey Elementary: Rima Shuayto (Teacher), Jennifer Murray (Winner), Janet Toler-Stemen (Meemic), Zahra Zriek (Assistant Principal), Nabila Aboualeyeu (Teacher)

Stout Middle School: Carol Cizek (Assistant Principal), Erica Fulton (Winner), Janet Toler-Stemen (Meemic), Greg Oke (Principal)

Annapolis High School: Janet Toler-Stemen (Meemic), Kevin Kuierim (Assistant Principal), Cheryl Howard (Principal), Janell Leschinger (Winner), Verda Toler (Meemic)

Bedford Elementary: Brenda Bucata (Para pro), Janet Toler-Stemen (Meemic), Brad Allen (Principal), Kerri Sanders (Winner), Verda Toler (Meemic)

O.W. Best Middle School: Aaron Mollen (Principal), Verda Toler (Meemic), Janet Toler-Stemen (Meemic), Jamie Maurus (Winner)

Burger Transition Center: Lynne Severin (Para-pro), Leslie Suchy-Kuclo (Winner), Derek Fisher (Superintendent), Janet Toler-Stemen (Meemic)

Cambridge High School: Derek Fisher (Superintendent), Jane Culp (Winner), Janet Toler-Stemen (Meemic), Sharon Kollar (Principal)

Farmington 5/6: Janet Toler-Stemen (Meemic), Angela Gassam (Winner), Derek Fisher (Superintendent), Lesley Rodriguez (Principal)