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Classroom Makeovers Go to Mid-Michigan Schools

Tony Thomson from the Thomson Agency in Bay City, MI, recently presented teachers in Pinconning, Linwood and Sterling with money for Classroom Makeovers. Rebecca Wehner at Pinconning High School plans to upgrade the audio equipment for her multimedia class. Holly Fouchia from Linwood Elementary in Linwood will set up a math station. Mary Jo Forro at Sterling Elementary in Sterling will use the money to purchase headsets for the computer lab.

Top photo (from left): Pinconning High School principal Andy Dowalczyk, Rebecca Wehner and Tony Thomson. Whener wrote: : The multimedia class is participating in a school broadcast program sponsored by the MHSAA and the High School Sports Network. If selected for this grant, I would like to purchase audio equipment and lapel microphones. As a part of the class, students have the opportunity to broadcast athletic and academic events. During athletic events, the students are encouraged to provide play-by-play commentary.

Mary Jo Forro, Sterling Elementary (with her fifth grade class): Our district purchases the Reading A-Z program which includes science and math based programs.  Students have the opportunity to record their voices as they are reading from these online books and can listen to their tone, stammers and fluency.  In turn, teachers can then listen to students and help focus instruction on where they need the most encouragement and assistance. Our computer lab is not equipped with the necessary head gear for students to record their voices.  Not only would one class benefit from this grant and purchase, but EVERY classroom in this building who uses the computer lab would benefit.

Jennifer Krengielski, Pinconning Middle School (with principal Tim Hoffman, left, and Tony Thomson): I would like to be selected because I have a classroom and a science lab.  The science lab is in dire need of some interesting and inspiring things to look at.  We also have an empty terrarium and aquarium.  Sadly, classroom pets are expensive.  I think a facelift on the lab would increase the enthusiasm and inspire my bright future scientists!

Holly Fouchia (with Tony Thomson and some of her students): I will set up a math station area in which my students will explore math using a hands-on, fun approach.  I will provide activities for early finishers as well as partner games and group activities.  Activities will reinforce new concepts and review previous ones.

Holly followed up with a thank you note and some photos of her students putting the materials she bought with her award to good use. She used the money to purchase Numeracy Learning Centers.

“Every day my students are broken into groups and are able to play games while learning or practicing their math skills,” she wrote. “They are already performing better on skills tests after only a couple weeks of stations!”