About Us

With more than 25 years in the insurance and personal finance industries, Lori Ayala is proud to add Meemic Insurance to the suite of products and services she offers at L.A. Financial Services. She describes herself as “relentless” when it comes to keeping “on top of the game,” and feels that insurance is the foundation of the L.A. Financial portfolio.

She first came to Meemic through The Meemic Foundation for the Future of Education and was struck by how the company was dedicated to educators through providing grants to support their tightening budgets. Her husband, Dario, is on the Athletic and Soccer Sports Committee at Calvary Christian School.  He is active in many of the Calvary Church outreach ministries, as well and rehabbing schools within their community.

Lori has degrees in accounting and finance from Aims Community College and the University of Northern Colorado. Committed to making a difference for her family and the people around her, she turned her education into a career as an insurance and financial representative.

As a Meemic ambassador in one of the company’s newer markets, Lori takes great pride in the exclusive services Meemic provides to the educational community. Stop by the office, call or send an email today and let Lori and her staff know how they can help you.