About Us

Peter Jannusik and his wife, Teresa, and their two boys, John and Paul, have lived in the Western suburbs for 20 years. The family has been active in school activities in District 58 and 99.

With more than 25 years of insurance industry experience, Peter is committed to his customers’ need for insurance guidance and protection. For Peter, this means providing Meemic insurance products that are specifically designed to protect educators and their families – not just at home and on the road, but also in the classroom. 

Educators are special. They are committed to children and demonstrate a level of caring and responsibility that is unique. Because of what they do and who they are, they can benefit from Meemic insurance coverages and take advantage of the premium savings only available to educators.

Peter is also committed to the concept that giving back to the community and the people he serves is fundamental to business and personal success. Through The Meemic Foundation, he is able to provide direct support and financial help to schools.

Peter and Teresa are graduates of the University of Oklahoma and have lived in numerous states.  After 20 years in Illinois, they are glad to call it home, and they look forward to making new friends in the educational community in the Western suburbs.