About Us

When Meemic expanded to Illinois and Keith Roy first heard about the company’s great prices and customer service, and The Meemic Foundation, he was quick to sign up. Then the opportunity arose to become a Meemic agent, and he jumped at the chance to help the educational community and showcase his strengths: working with people, consulting on home safety and crunching numbers.

Keith has a degree from Lincoln College with a concentration on math and has certifications in building energy analysis, green building strategies and HVAC systems. His wife has been a teacher for nine years, and he appreciates the needs and daily life of a teacher in the McHenry area in and out of the classroom.  

When he’s not selling insurance, Keith likes to explore new places, spend time with family and serve his local church, and he strives to make a difference wherever he goes.

Call or send an email today and let Keith know how he can serve you.