Insurance Policy Information

Meemic Offers Customized Insurance Policies to Fit the Needs of Educators

We know it takes a special kind of person to be an educator and you deserve the kind of attention, care and effort that you give to your students. That’s why we’ll tailor your insurance policy to fit your unique needs. Since every member’s policy is customized, your we can provide you with more information about your particular coverage. If you’re not already a member, contact us about choosing the right coverage for you and your budget.

  • Auto Insurance 

    Following a claim experience, over 97% of our members are likely to recommend a friend or family member to Meemic.
  • Home Insurance 

    Includes standard items that you may not get with other policies — without additional fees.
  • Umbrella Insurance 

    Protect your assets from lawsuits that exceed the liability limits of your home and auto policies.

  • Other Products 

    Don't forget to ask about our in-home business, rental dwellings, life insurance or short-term health insurance.